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Michael Reilly Undone's most structured and heaviest album to date, 'Family' immediately appeals with its psych/rock depth of expansive sound. This altered direction shows great progression and maturity, delivering a very exciting collection of captivating rock tunes. Favorite track: Elastic Venus.
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Limited edition 12” vinyl Family LP released on 23-4-2016


released February 25, 2016

Ronit Bergman – Vocal, guitar
Noga Shatz – Guitar
Andrej Anastasov-Daskalovski (Edi) – Drums
Mustafa Muso Jonuzovski – Bass

Darko Janevski – Love... didgeridoo, atmosphere and effects
Pedro Wilde – Guitar and bass on Time Bullets
Oliver Mitevski – Accordion on Iron Eggs
Darko Tasevski – Guitar on Ishin-denshin and The Love Song
Filip Mitrov – Kaval on Ishin–denshin and wind synth on The Love Song
Vlad Kaevski – Keyboards on who Am we, Thru The Walls, Melody Fever and Here Rises Hell
Songs and lyrics by Ronit Bergman except - lyrics of Here Rises Hell by Dror Mizrachi
All songs were developed arranged and produced by Darko, Noga, Edi, and Ronit. All the guests took part in the production and design of the songs they played.
Recorded and mixed by Darko Janevski except - Elastic Venus mixed by Vlad Kaevski
Mastered by Carim Clasmann @ Fish Tank Studio
Cover art – Hagar Magen

Undone’s strongest outing yet is this year’s LP Family. The record is a subtle, powerful journey, reminiscent of a good vintage European progressive rock album in the way that it takes you through a series of related spaces and leaves you in a different place from where you were when you dropped the needle. The album is suffused with care, sensitivity and love, with contrasts of softness and thunder that show an appreciation for both the most tragic and the most ecstatic dimensions of life. It's fluid and loose, free of the kind of concern for appearances that can make music slick, rigid or overwrought, but it's never careless. Family is beautiful and it grows on you, gently illuminating new depths and byways within itself as you let it in over time. It exhibits a kind of humble majesty that slowly dawns on you with repeated listening. We can be grateful that it's thoughtfully mastered and pressed on a very fine-sounding, substantial slab of vinyl.. ~ When The Sun Hits -

***if you can not afford the album or do not have a way to pay (we know what it's like) write to us :-)



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Track Name: Google is my Boyfriend
Google Is My Boyfriend
You know
you know I’ll find you
You know I’ll get lost
When I do…
You know
You’ll see me from inside
You know
You’ll see me from side to side
Deep between the pages
where you are
My cover closes around you
Not close
Not too far
Track Name: Elastic Venus
Elastic Venus
Shadows of pain
Fumble their dresses
Love rays
Tiptoe on their faces
One pictures a sky
The other names an ocean
Soul match
In the looking glass
Tearing the dress off one
Sewing the cloak of the other
There is love on earth
There is love on earth
A feeling without a name
Is lonely
I am lonely without you
There is love on earth…
Track Name: who Am we
who AM we
Lies are falling from your nose
People jump from bridges
Into the water – cold,
God loves the angels and witches.
Buttons unravel from your Soul
Gentlemen dig a preference
Into illusion - you crawl,
God loves the stunts and features.

Your lies are mine
Your lies are mine
Crumbs are falling from the cake
Cherries land on the gravestone
Into the ground – you’re called,
God loves the babies and creatures.
Words fall over understanding
Hunters drop your weapons
Into the stars – unfold,
God loves the suns and beaches.
Track Name: Ishin-denshin

Sooner came Spirit
Sooner came Spirit
In a secret way it came
Sooner than the body
Sooner than the body
In a secret way it came
Sooner came spirit
Sooner than we knew
In this dimension
In this dimension
In a secret way it came
More secret than we knew
In the chances that we took
In the chances that we didn’t…
At once the body went
The body went to meet you
Faster than the speed of joy
Faster than the needle
Imbedding in the fabric
For the thread to come through
Faster than the air
Embedding in the cry of the newborn
For the coming thread of life
Sooner... came Spirit
Track Name: Thru the Walls
Thru The Walls

Angel at the opening
Smiles to carry you inside
Useless ticket in your hand
Here the currency is mind
Way too fast to feel the speed
Way too open to be afraid
Way too light to understand
Way too wide to have an end.
Gluing eyes on the horizon
Drawing maps with roads of words
Watering the flowers
Way to wide to end
Track Name: The Love Song
The Love Song
Are you feeling strange my love
Are you feeling lonely
Are you feeling sad my love
Everything seems phony
Are you feeling blind my eyes
Rings of fear around you
Are you feeling mystified
Doors of fog surround you
Let me by your side
I love you
Let me by your mind
Can’t you fall asleep tonight
Let me lay beside you
Hold my hand and call the sky
Ride the stars and I too
Track Name: Melody Fever
Melody Fever
Haven’t gone far
Haven’t gone far
Look down to see
Oh Naked bodies
No image
They crashed in to the tree
The tree of knowing
HiShi HiShi HiShi
Melody fever
Driving the car
Melody giver
Riding the stars
Oh bodies oh naked
Not one but two
Accidents happen
HiShi HiShi Miyu
Blowing lips
Blow and hold
Hold and release
The captured souls
Track Name: Iron Eggs
Iron Eggs
Go child go son of fate
Go son go mommy’s hero
Baby son of superman
Chosen one mommy’s hero
Go child, child boy go
Fight this war fight for mommy
Doomed child, child doom doom
Go son go bring the money
Music notes lines die
And turn to barbed wire fences
How many more lies
Will target homes of answers
Our Father in the sky
Please tell why
Diamonds lost control
Velvet turned to iron
Our father in the sky
How many more will he kill
Until he learns by heart
The law you kissed to Sapphire
Track Name: Time Bullets
Time Bullets
Soul rain
Soul islands
Meeting points
Glowing in the dark
And more
Dunes of numbers
Puppets in pockets
We’re too many
Arrogant freckles
Bullets of time
We become
Now that we’re here
Closer than near
Mirrors that see
Know who am we
Agree to not come
Agree to not go
Agree to always ask
Agree to never know
Never know
Track Name: Here Rises Hell
Here Rises Hell
הנה זורח גיהנם
הבוקר הוא בדמות השמש
רוח מלאכים מכוינה אחרת
מנסה לרמוז שזו אינה הדרך
כמה מעלות מכאן במרחבי האלו
יכולתי לכתוב גם תכלת
יכול היה להיות גן עדן

Here rises hell
The morning is like the sun
A wind of angels leads to a different direction
Trying to hint that this is not The Way
A few degrees from here in the IF distances
I could have also written light-blue
It could have been Heaven